Effluent Tanks

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The lightweight alternative to steel tanks, it will not rust or corrode, the access points are fully sealable to prevent spillages and odour.


  • Will not corrode as apposed to steel tanks
  • 700 gallon / 3182 litres
  • Much lighter than steel – only 170 kg per tank
  • Individual items can be moved easily having 4 lifting points
  • Stackable for ease of storage
  • Stock colour grey, can be supplied in corporate colours (minimum quantity will apply)

Installation Instructions

  • Tank should be located above ground on a flat level surface
  • Tank must only be handled / moved when empty

Optional Extra – Wireless Waste Level Monitoring

The Telemetry System can be supplied with our Effluent Tank and is a great way of monitoring the level of waste in the tank without having to constantly keep opening the hatches and physically check the level.

Wireless Waste Level Monitoring

  • Track waste levels, ensuring no overflow with a reliable, accurate and secure gauge
  • The transmitter can be fitted easily to any Effluent Tank, the receiver can be connected to any standard domestic socket
  • Available with either a 3 pin UK/Ireland or 2 pin European electrical socket connection
  • The monitor is ideal in places where the Effluent Tank is hard to access with a 200m range - in line of sight, optimum conditions.

Tank Specifications

  • Height: 0.55m
  • Width: 2.4m
  • Length: 3.1m
  • Weight: 170kg
  • Volume: 700 gallons / 3182 litres

Technical Specifications

  • Tank Depth Measurement: Minimum depth: 0.1m - Maximum depth: 3m
  • Max communication distance: 200m in normal 'line of sight' conditions
  • Power - Receiver: 150-250V, 50-60Hz. EN 60335 Transmitter: 3V Lithium Cell (3V-CR2430)
  • Battery Life: 7-10 years (estimated life)
  • Wireless communications: 433 mHz. FM Transmission. EN 300-220
  • Max / Min Operation Temp (Transmitter) Operating temperature range: -10 to +60 °C

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