Laying a flood defence using HydroSacks

What are the advantages of the HydroSack?

The HydroSack is less than 10% of the weight of a sandbag before contact with water and can be easily stored in bulk awaiting their need. It will absorb up to 20 litres of water which will crystallise and retain its weight for up to six months.

Since the HydroSack only contains super absorbent polymer pulp (SAP) it is harmless to the environment and, after slitting the sack, they can be emptied into the soil without any harmful effects.

HydroSack is available in various colours according to the situation required and have handles for easy movement, especially in emergency conditions. The unique 3-section structure of the HydroSack allows a controlled spread which prevents the contents from moving from side to side.

HydroSack is the state of the art in emergency flood protection in performance, cost efficiency, storage and ease of use.

HydroSack Technical Details

Absorption15-20 litres
Inflation Time2-3 minutes
Weight Before0.5 kilos
Weight After15-20 kilos
Outer FabricNon Woven
Hydrophilic finish
Internal PadsPads x9 per/sack
Super Absorbent Polymer Pulp (SAP)
Non Toxic, ECO friendly
Flood Water Depth5cm of water per/sack
Flood Water Length45cm of water per/sack
Flood Water Depth When Folded10cm of water per/sack

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