Which Water Filled Barriers to Choose for Your Project

30 April 2018 09:55

Which Water Filled Barriers to Choose for Your Project

Water filled barriers are a convenient alternative to concrete barriers as they typically weigh very little when not filled with water. So they can more easily, and less expensively, be transported and positioned when on site.

This makes them versatile too, they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes so they can be used in a range of applications including: demarcation, traffic management, streetworks, pedestrian safety, site safety and security, and more.

Because water filled barriers come in so many forms, it may not be clear which barriers or configuration of barriers is best for your project.

To make things a little less confusing, we've put together a list of different requirements and scenarios and the type of water filled barriers best suited to them.

Protection from fast-moving vehicles

In situations where work has to be carried out on major roads, workers are at risk of injury from vehicles. Even vehicles obeying the speed limit are still capable of doing serious damage if they veer off course. So it's vital that you provide something capable of containing such an impact to limit any delays to your project and mitigate risk to your workers.

Your first thought in this instance might be something as heavy and immovable as concrete, but various water filled barriers are more than able to rise up to the challenge of safeguarding your workforce.

  • BBS 22 - these BS EN1317-N1 compliant barriers are constructed and tested to contain vehicles travelling at up to 50mph (80km/h). They are tested free standing and need no permanent fixtures making them ideal for temporary use.
  • Rhino Crash Tested Safety Barrier - Highways Agency approved, accepted for use at all BAA Airports, BS EN 1317 - N1 compliant and capable of containing vehicles travelling at up to 50mph (80km/h). Requiring no ground drilling, these water filled road barriers are easy to deploy and weigh a huge 530kg when filled.

Guidance at Lower Speed and Perimeter Marking

A super heavy water filled barrier system isn't always the best solution. In some cases, it would be like swatting a fly with a sledgehammer. For scenarios where vehicles won't be travelling at high speed or you just need to mark out areas to control the flow of pedestrians, then lighter barriers are better for the job.

  • Separator 55, 65 and 80 barriers - these lightweight barriers are ideal for use in built-up areas like city centres to ensure both vehicle and pedestrian safety. Available in heights of 0.55m, 0.65m and 0.80m depending on requirements.
  • Alphabloc Space Saver - the unique folding design of the Alphabloc allows for more to be safely stacked than other types of barrier, so larger quantities are more easily delivered and stored.

High Security

Water filled barriers can also be utilised in situations where security, as well as safety, is paramount. In these instances, plastic barriers that are both sturdy and capable of keeping intruders out are required.

  • Site Wall - a sturdy barrier ideal for site security. Easily deployed and handled with forklift slots and no need for permanent fixings, the Sitewall weighs just 15kg when empty and 300kg when filled. The barrier alone stands at 0.65m, but combined with the BBS Sitefence reaches 2m for additional security.
  • Rhino Advanced Safety Barrier - free standing barriers that are tested to contain vehicles travelling at up to 30mph (50km/h), they can be easily positioned before being filled when they reach a weight of 470kg. In situations that call for further security, extended mesh panels can be easily added for an overall height of 2.42m.
  • Separator 90 - made from UV stabilised polyethylene, these water filled separation barriers are incredibly easy to position. Weighing just 36kg before being filled, they can reach a sturdy 400kg making them ideal for providing delineation and crowd control.

Low Base Options

Sometimes you need barriers that offer resistance and protection, but without being so high they are an obstruction. Low base water filled traffic barriers do just that, offering protection from vehicles and other possible risks

  • BBS Slot Block - this is the only water filled barrier made to fit an industry standard 3.5m x 2m mesh panel. MIRA wind-tested to 57 mph, this barrier gives additional stability to fence panels in windy conditions. It's low unfilled weight and small size make it ideal for application in city centres and other areas where space is limited.
  • BBS 2000 - MIRA wind-tested, three of these barriers when full are capable of withstanding wind speeds of 71 mph. Weighing just 35kg when empty, these interlocking barriers are easy to transport and position before being filled and reaching 350kg.

Of course, the applications for barriers listed are not exhaustive, and water filled barriers can be used in many different ways as long as they comply with health and safety. If you need some help deciding what water filled barriers will be best for your project, Border Barriers is more than happy to advise you on the most effective solution.

Border Barriers keeps a huge stock of barriers allowing for quick delivery with our own FORS-accredited transport fleet. In most cases, you can have your barriers the very next day. Get in touch and one of our friendly account managers will be more than happy to help you get the right water filled barriers for your project.

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